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Helikon is a specialized company in the field of lighting design for sports infrastructure. We are especially focused on winter sports lighting design.
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Specialized company in the field of lighting design for sport infrastructure


All our lighting designs are made in accordance with EN 12193:2007 standard.

Perfect Design

It is important to keep in mind, that the solution we provide is holistic, which means, that it includes: light design, wiring design, control design, fundament and mast design.


Our company with experienced team will provide best lighting solution for your sport infrastructure.


Our team have accomplished a lot of projects and are very experienced in multiple fields


If you have any questions please don't hesitate and contact us


Pictures of our latest projects that contain tennis playgrounds, ski-jumps, ski-running tracks, and many other sports infrastructures.

Planning proccess

We guide our clients through the complete planning process and provide a complete solution for a specific sports infrastructure. The usual process of design is as follows: gathering the complete data of the sport infrastructure, consider the applicable lighting standards and recommendations, consider technical characterization of the sport infrastructure, know the need of luminance and/or illuminance values, get to know the reflectance properties of the sport infrastructure surface, select the pole placement, select the lighting source and luminaires, define the geometry of lighting installation, make a control calculation, select the best variant.

Contact us

Helikon Plus d.o.o.

Čadovlje 23, 4204 Golnik

Slovenia, EU

VAT: SI11255099